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I am literally laughing out loud with excitement over the new addition of Iris Ceramica’s line “LOL”. The attraction to this new line is COLOR!!

“LOL” is a smart pairing of a traditional subway size (4″x8″) as well as adding some patterned deco pieces, but using vivid fun colors like a brilliant red, warm yellow, and a gorgeous aquamarine.

Slowly we are seeing the introduction of COLOR, whether it’s bright or bold, even soft pastel colors from most, if not all of our top manufacturers. The pairing of modern sizes, whether it is large 5 ft by 10 ft panel of color like we see from Casamood’s line Neutra or a modern subway size like we found from Iris Ceramica’s LOL.

These tiles are not the pink, avocado, and the blue we might remember from yester years. They are fresh colors ranging from pale cool greens and blues to fire engine red. So to keep the design current and modern when introducing color, I love to pair them with wood look tile, distressed cement tile, and I have found that even some marble looks are fabulous with solid bold tones as well.

However you want to add color to your next tile choices, DO IT, ADD IT, don’t be scared; we all need a little fun and whimsey in our lives; why not add it in the form of COLOR!!

Katelyn Dessner






Showroom and Design Coordinator

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