BainUltra Therapeutic Spa RoomThe BainUltra Insperience

The Total Insperience Bathroom brings together BainUltra products with various therapy methods for a completely immersive revitalization experience. The therapies of water, heat, color, light, sound, and aroma combine in this unique approach to relaxation, health, and wellness.

The Insperience Bathroom allows you to create a private sanctuary in your own home, for your own personal well-being.

The VEDANA’s Therapeutic Benefits

BainUltra Vedana Therapeutic Spa Room Unit

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AKASA® Complementary Products

Exclusively from BainUltra, Akasa is a range of complimentary products specifically designed and built for you to enhance the therapeutic experience.

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 We invite you to visit our fully working Insperience Bath unit, located on the second floor of our showroom, for the total relaxation experience!

Call us for directions or to learn more! (718) 317-8500

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