GoBoard™ by Johns Manville (Made in the USA)

GoBoard™ is the ultra-light, waterproof tile backer board from Johns Manville. It’s engineered for durability, yet is up to 80% lighter than cement boards. GoBoard™ is easy to handle and can be cut right where it’s installed with a basic utility knife without crumbling or disintegrating. And, best of all, it has waterproofing already built-in.


Key Benefits of GoBoard™

  • `GoBoard™ 1/2″ x 3′ x 5′ weighs only 7.5lbs and is easy to handlegoboard-backerboard-johns-manville
  • It can be quickly cut right where it is installed with a basic utility knife without crumbling or disintegrating
  • Simply attach with backer board screws or roofing nails
  • GoBoard™ is waterproof
  • Seal only the board joints and fastener locations with urethane sealant for a waterproof tile assembly as per GoBoard™ installation instructions
  • For tile installations – showers, wall, ceilings and floors
  • On concrete floors GoBoard™ will act as a thermal insulation under tile.
  • Can improve the efficiency of radiant heat by up to 40%
  • Acts as an uncoupling membrane, reducing the risk of transfer cracks in tiles.

Sizes 3′ x 5′ x 1/2″ and 1/4″
Weight: 7.5lbs for 1/2″ and 6.0lbs 1/4″ thicknesses

1/2″ wedi® panels vs. 1/2″ GoBoard™

 Features  wedi GoBoard
 Waterproof  Yes Yes
 Offers full shower system pans, walls, drains & sealant  Yes No
 Board Weight 8.67lbs  7.5lbs
 R-Value 1/2″  2.15  2.3
 R-Value 1/4″  1  1.2
 Compressive Strength 1/2″  150psi  200psi
 GoBoard™ 1/4″ 250psi
 Heavy Duty Commercial Use  Yes  No
 Light Commercial Use  Yes  Yes
 Residential Use  Yes  Yes
 Outdoor Use  Yes  No
 Resistance to Fungus/Bacteria Yes Yes
 Can it be used on floors?  Yes  Yes
 Under Radiant Heat?  Yes  Yes
 Must be installed with washers  Yes  No
 Minimum Size Floor Tiles  2″  6″
 Fiberglass Dust Can Irritate Skin and Nasal Passages  No Yes


GoBoard™ is not intended to replace wedi® Richmond Tile & Bath. We are adding it to our offering as a less expensive alternative for underlayment and wall, in wet areas where a full wedi® shower system is not being used.


  • As a thermal break on concrete floors under tile
  • To prevent heat sink under radiant heat
  • On walls in wet areas where shower receptor, bathtub, fiberglass pans or lead pans are being used
  • Many of our customers will still prefer wedi™ in these situations for various reasons
  • There is no reason any consumer would not take advantage of adding longevity and low maintenance to a tile installation for a few bucks more than cement backer board by using this GoBoard™ product.

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