The best tile leveling system (no tools required)

Video: Watch the Proleveling System in action!

How It Works:

The Proleveling System uses two components, a Leveler and a Cap, to both space and level wall and floor tile installations, virtually eliminating spacing and lippage problems. Unlike other systems, these Levelers can also be used as tile spacers and no tensioning tool is required!

Proleveling Levelers and Tensioning Cap

They are available in Cross, Linear and ‘T’ shapes with spacer widths of 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, and 5 mm. The base of each Leveler has four holes for anchoring between mortar and tile. The vertical legs of the Leveler rise from the base and act to space the tile. The Blue Tensioning Cap is placed over the vertical leg and is hand tightened, leveling the tile. Once the tile has set, either kick the Blue Cap or strike it with a mallet, causing the leg to break just above the base.

Proleveling Tile Leveling System

The Red Protection Cup is available for optional use to protect against marking of marble, onyx, and other soft tiles. The Red Removal Cap can be used to quickly remove the broken stem and leg portions from the Blue Caps. All Levelers, Caps, and Cups are injection molded plastic, will not damage the tile in clean use, and float away in water for easy cleanup and collection. Save the Blue Caps, though, because they are reusable!


Proleveling Placement Suggestions

Proleveling Leveler Usage

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