Grand Elegance

Passion, character, nostalgia – the words Grand Elegance stands for. The ceramic is a metaphor for passion practiced or dreamed, lifestyles and little quirks that give body to a character, the expression of an inner landscape of objects, feelings and memories.




The elegance charm becomes bold. The collection Tango achievement for the incisive style and the ability to combine luxury and originality.



Tango Rock

Tango Rock, is a sublime interpretation of rock and stone, designed by Petracer’s as ductile materials to mold in infinite movement patterns. The result is a floor-sculpture, with different style accents according to the chromatic versions and decorated.



Gran Gala

Capturing the wild aspect of beauty and propose is a high decoration. It is the goal of Gala, the new collection designed by Angelo Marchesi for Petracer’s, triumph and original development of a theme among the most common of the design and fashion: the animal. Subjects like the leopard, the eagle and the snake, the most symbolic of instinct and animal cruelty, as well as a free beauty and utterly indifferent to human events, are proposed as true interior visions, glimpses on an original world, lost and found.



Ad Maiora

Purity and magnificence – the elegance triumphs with the ceramic surface sensuality, articulated by the sign in passing that you also feel the touch. Unique and spectacular concession to opulence are set inserts in precious metals, the authors of the geometric rhythm that gives a unique character to the collection.




It is the first floor designed by Petracer’s. A recurring motif: of fabrics, objects, structural elements such as the home balustrades and parapets, retrievable in different materials, iron, wood, clay, used as a frieze, frame or solid background, an almost familiar presence in different cultures.




The Capitonné collection is inspired by the same name that were padded in the most prestigious salons of the end ‘800 and still have the charm of a refined elegance. An exclusive idea that the implementation required overcoming many technical steps and the detailed study of modularity.




A fascinating new collection that comes from the review of the Provencal tile. The idea of ​​Angelo Marchesi has been to recover the lobed shape of the Provençal, exploiting technological capabilities of large formats. The result is a collection of extraordinary aesthetic innovation.




Memories of the early twentieth century materials inspire the admirable interpretation of Petracer’s, absolute synthesis and in some final verses of the geometries that have marked the taste of an era. The linear abstraction of the pattern is accompanied by the subtlety, all based color of the soft and natural effect and material surface tones.



Trama D’Autore

A bright tangle of signs to mark elegantly lived space. The metallic glare of the surface plays with the color thickness of the bottom, the memory of a precious fabric encasing unpublished complicity with the most essential metropolitan style.



Italiano 800

From the Classical tradition was born a new Opera. The nineteenth century Italian, extraordinary collection for the innovative design of the material and the harshness of the project. Ceramics conquer the role of principal protagonist, offers new decorative interpretations of the environment, enhances the geometry of the spaces by drawing new perspectives according to the unsurpassed classic rules. An ideal collection for those who love the great history and also want a big story.


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