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 The series Shell Mosaic presents mesh mounted mother of pearl mosaics. The shells are cut and treated until obtaining perfectly smooth and polished chips 2 mm thick. The range includes 6 different patterns, from the traditional Square to the exclusive Mirror, each pattern is available at least in 4 different colours.

Natural on the other hand is a mesh mounted mosaic with joints and 3,5-mm thick curved chips, available only in the natural cream and white colours.








Mesh mounted mosaics 2-mm thick with joints.






D-MOP is an evolution of the MOP series. Its exclusive diamond 3D shape has been specially designed to emerge from any tiles, highlighting the beauty of mother of pearl. It’s proposed in 4 modular formats and 2 kind of inlays (rectangular and crazy cut).
The series MOP is hand-worked with great precision. It offers a range of 12 different colours and 7 kind of inlays (e.g. square, crazy cut, honeycomb etc…). We can realize any kind of inlay with any colour and shell. MOP may have different backings: ceramic, gres porcelain, epoxy resin or aluminium, according to the area where it’s used. For large sizes strengthened plywood or hardiflex panels may be used too.

The series Laguna has been conceived to combine the mother of pearl mosaic with ceramic tiles. These mosaics have thus a ceramic backing so they reach a 8-mm thickness. Mesh mounted with joints.

Mesh mounted seamless mosaic with 3D tiles.

Shell tiles cut in rectangular pattern and mounted on ceramic borders to obtain a 8-mm thickness and be matched with tiles.

SkyTech Tiles

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