La Fabbrica

La Fabbrica’s Kauri Collection is named for the Kauri Cliffs of New Zealand, where fallen trees have remained underground for thousands of years. The petrified wood from these trees is considered rare and exotic, and serves as the inspiration for this line of colored, porcelain stoneware. These tiles are available with a matte or high-gloss finish, are suitable for walls or floors, commercial or residential application, and are available in six beautiful shades.

Ceramica Sant’Agostino

Sant’Agostino has become one of the leaders in Italian tile manufacturing, using the highest quality materials and technology. We have several collections of tile styles, all beautiful and stunning.


Impronta Ceramiche

With many options including wood styles and stone style finishes, Impronta Ceramiche by ItalGraniti is sure to look amazing in your home.



The tiles within the Tagina series are as beautiful as nature and as unique as a work of art. These collections offers contemporary styles, antique charm, and brushed stone effects. Some selections include detailed embossing onto the porcelain surface.



Refin was inspired by stone and is, in fact, a selection of textures of different origins and characteristics. Selection is a perfect blend of expression and creative research.



PETRACERS is an Italian manufacturer whose products are works of art, described in Shakespearean language as “…made of the same matter dreams are made of.” PETRACERS exhibits the difference between fashion and style: fashion is subject to moods and market fads, while style is forever and lasts through the ages.


Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli, the famed Italian fashion designer, has made his mark on the world of home decor by introducing several lines of luxury porcelain tile. His perfect color blends and signature style are sure to catch your eye.



With Alabastri di Rex, we can see the strong link between designer and trends in this interpretation of 1970s luxury. These marble tiles were processed with as much care as if they were to be worn as fabrics. Alabaster, naturally luxuriouswith its symmetrical geometries, leads the imagination down a swirling path of lightness and sparkle. Also available in Bamboo and Sapphire colors, the collection proves to be incredibly sophisticated and slightly seductive.

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