PETRACERS is an Italian manufacturer whose products are works of art, described in Shakespearean language as “…made of the same matter dreams are made of.” PETRACERS exhibits the difference between fashion and style: fashion is subject to moods and market fads, while style is forever and lasts through the ages.


Make a dream of your world with the Unico Collection by Petracers. These tiles are reinventing the antique. Echoes of the old style will fill your rooms while a strong design statement is being made. The glossy finish provides stain and scratch resistance.


Just as the name suggests, the Tango Collection represents a fluid, never-ending motion. The patterns dance with each other, moving endlessly with glamour and elegance. The surface of the tiles is so smooth, it’s almost impossible to perceive the slight impressions and reliefs caused by the many twists and swirls.

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