Studio Vega

These stunning tiles are made from mother of pearl, which is a natural material.

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Ceramica Sant’ Agostino

Sant’Agostino has become one of the leaders in Italian tile manufacturing, using the highest quality materials and technology.

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Crystal Tiles

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Set your sights on these crystals and be captivated. These ultra-decorative tiles and borders are a breakthrough in modern luxury. Suitable for installation in walls or flooring, their brilliant shine will give a new sparkle to your home or business. The crystals are produced with a lead content of more than 30% and are tightly sealed in glass to ensure longevity. They are scratch-resistant, non-absorbent, and under normal wear and tear, they will virtually last forever.  Add a touch of glitz and glamour to any space with Crystal Tiles.

Ceramiche Piemme

The Boiserie Series by Piemme Ceramiche is reminiscent of the French and Victorian architecture of the 17th and 18th centuries. Valentino Garavani’s designs range from simple to ornate using raised panels and decorative moldings and borders. These wall tiles bring digital and environmentally green technologies together with delicate, hand-crafted accents.

Refin Ceramiche

These modern Velvet Ground series tiles were made to address a trendy and eclectic public in search of creative touches.

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Impronta Ceramiche by ItalGraniti

Impronta presents this beautiful collection of granite-based, colored wall tiles, as well as beautiful collection of granite-based, colored wall tiles. With incredibly complex floral patterns, embossed ornaments, and various color combinations, these designs have become an instant hit.

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Roberto Cavalli – The Diva Series

Roberto Cavalli created this dramatic line to match his already established brand, which combines the concepts of fashion and design with glamour and sensuality. The “Damasco Nero” (Black Mask) and “Giaguaro Biano” (White Jaguar) are each collections of iconic overlapping prints, evoking a sense of exclusivity and originality.


PETRACERS is an Italian manufacturer whose products are works of art, described in Shakespearean language as “…made of the same matter dreams are made of.” PETRACERS exhibits the difference between fashion and style: fashion in subject to moods and market fads, while style is forever and lasts through the ages.

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Fiandre sets a higher standard of uniqueness and elegance. These ultra-glossy stone slabs have a reduced thickness thanks to an innovative creation process.

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