Sant’Agostino has become one of the leaders in Italian tile manufacturing, using the highest quality materials and technology. View our Sant’Agostino collections below.

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The Inspire Collection by Sant’Agostino is beauty and classicism within the perfect combination of aesthetics and high quality. Inspire expresses the typical Italian taste of shiny surfaces, while also rising to compliment any architecture style. This collection is also supplemented by a line of luxury mosaics and decorations.

I Marmi Italiani

The I Marmi Italiani Series by Sant’Agostino is an ultra-sleek collection of wall and floor tiles. With a name that translates to “Italian Marbles,” these tiles are comprised of Travertine and Statuario marble designs. I Marmi Italiani tiles are available in two finishes: Natural, a satin finish, and Krystal, a thick coating of engineered glass crystals fused to the surface and polished. And because they’re manufactured by Ceramica Sant’Agostino, you know you’re getting the highest quality Italian tiles made with industry-leading technology.


The Pearl Collection by is teeming with exquisite, ethereal beauty. These tiles emit a subtle, creamy glow that is sure to enhance any residential or commercial space. Manufactured by Ceramica Sant’Agostino, high image quality and definition are guaranteed. Illuminate your floors or walls with this lustrous look.

Piazze Toscane

The Piazze Toscane Series by Ceramica Sant’Agostino is the perfect balance of old-world charm and new-age refinement. Sant’Agostino uses cutting-edge, digital ink jet printing onto ceramics, making it possible to accurately reproduce graphic motifs without compromising quality. Let the rustic, earthy tones of the Piazza Toscane Series transport you to the quaint Italian countryside.


The Earth Series by Sant’Agostino perfectly replicates the look and feel of natural slate via porcelain tile. With color choices such as Autumn, Kashmir, and Sunray, these tiles will surely bring an air of nature into your space. State-of-the-art printing technology has made it possible for these designs to simulate the geological features of natural stone while remaining completely smooth and polished.


The Home Collection by Sant’Agostino is a line of floor and wall coverings that are surprisingly beautiful and profoundly realistic. From fabric effects to superb design patterns, ceramic materials are given a brand-new, high-quality look, thanks to the possibility of creating designs with virtually unlimited variations. These tiles take on the softness and warmth of cloth, creating a floor-to-ceiling feeling of comfort.

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