About The Brand

PETRACERS is an Italian manufacturer whose products are works of art, described in Shakespearean language as “…made of the same matter dreams are made of.” PETRACERS exhibits the difference between fashion and style: fashion in subject to moods and market fads, while style is forever and lasts through the ages.


With a name that translates to “padded,” the Capitonné Collection is meant to capture the elegance of the 19th century. These designs underwent rigorous testing to achieve the most reliable look of seamless modularity. This collection is not simply a wall covering, it’s a passionate styling project. The tufted tiles blend together smoothly to create a soft, aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

Gran Gala

This collection focuses around one central subject: the animal. The variations within Gran Gala represent a raw nature, ranging from stripes to prints and featuring larger designs of the snake, leopard, and falcon- each of these animals a symbol of strength and power in its own right, and the wall coverings seek to tame and celebrate their traits. The color scheme used here is mainly black, white, and gray, playing off of the notion that monochromatic rooms  have a certain powerful, impressive look.

800 Italiano

A new take on the old-world classic. Made of innovative materials, the 800 Italiano Series by Petracers truly seeks to shed the spotlight on ceramics. This collection of tiles and borders offers modern decorative interpretations of the irresistible classical style by enhancing geometric space and drawing attention in new ways. Perfect for those with a love for history and who wish to spread their own story.

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